Netent Touch is a great way to play, it is the mobile version of the software. You will love the Netent Touch mainly because you can play it anywhere, as Netent themselves say, Mobile is the future. This is completely true! We use our mobiles on a daily basis and i can guarantee that you do not leave the house without your mobile, and if you do you feel like disaster has struck. This is why so many online software providers have designed their games specifically to play on mobile. Yes an internet connection is needed in order to log into one of your Netent casinos, but you will find that this isn't very hard to do as many public places offer wifi, you will find it on buses, trains, in restaurants and cafes. So you will always find an internet connection somewhere and be able to play all of your favourite Netent Touch games. Now you will notice that the collection of Netent Touch games is a little smaller than the huge selection of video slots. But there is still quite a large amount considering Netent Touch was only presented to us in 2011, so you will find that they have worked very hard and very fast to give us over 20 magnificent Touch Games. And it is not only the video slots that can be played, you will find that with some software providers they will only give you mobile slots to enjoy. Netent give you some of their most popular video slots as well as some table games and you can also play some of there jackpot games on mobile. This is amazing, the jackpot games have created quite a storm they have appeared in the Guinness world records for outstanding amounts of pay outs and they are very exciting and entertaining to play. This is a great reason to join in on the Netent Touch games, you could be having a casual lunch and while doing so you could win a life changing jackpot from your mobile, how great would that feel!

The Netent Touch games are available on some of the most popular phones out there, including Android, IOS and Windows so as most people will own this type of software it is safe to say that basically everyone can access this, and even though we say mobile we do not only mean mobile games. You can also access the games on your tablet so this makes them even more accessible. What we like most about mobile is that they fit in your pocket and you can take them anywhere. We use them and i think that most of us find ourselves randomly picking up or phones, looking at them and putting them back down. So this means that they are always in sight, which is why it is smart that Net Entertainment have introduced us to Netent Touch. It may make you feel even better to know that Netent Touch received various honours at the EGR B2B awards, so it is an award winning product this will let you know that you are playing something that is well recognised as being great. Although you will not find that there are unique games made specifically for mobile, that you will not find at a desktop site you will be able to play some of the biggest named games from Net Entertainment. You will still find the same great quality in the sound and in the graphics of the games, mobile games are very easy to work and you can do it wherever you want. So when we think of the Netent games and what they have to offer, why not take a look at the Netent Touch games. Although already greatly advertised you may not have known that these were available, well now you do. And there is a great selection to choose from, the Netent Touch games are outstanding you will love all that they offer and will still get a fantastic mobile casino experience. To finish of on the thoughts of the Netent Touch games, i think that we have already cleared the fact that they are exciting enough to play. So why not talk about the fact that many online casinos will offer their mobile sites with the Netent Touch attached, mostly all of the worlds biggest casinos have gone mobile, so you will always find that there are some of your favourite Netent casinos that are mobile and will give you access to the games. Get ready for an all out amazing mobile time, play where you want when you want. You can still deposit, withdraw and claim bonuses on your mobile so all of the great advantages that we find on desktop are available. Even better you may find that exclusive bonuses will be available for using the mobile sites, so if you are registered at a Netent casino that is now mobile but you haven't tried it then why not do so today and there could be a special bonus in it for you. Creating a brilliant experience with the same thrills and wins, Netent Touch has outstanding us all.

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